The Power of Nutrition


The first topic that I would like to address is the power of nutrition. Many people have their lifting regime, they go to the gym 5-6 times a week, lift, leave, go home and eat. But what most people don’t realize is that your body uses food as fuel. You are not intended to eat whatever you like and then workout and expect to see results.

When you follow a nutritional guide in accordance with your lifting regimen, you will start to see changes, monthly, weekly, sometimes daily. There are so many diets out there, so many pills, waist trainers, cleanses, etc. People fall victim every day to the idea of instant gratification. This is something that doesn’t apply to getting into shape, anything that promises you immediate results is a lie, your body will only rebound. If you are not willing to consistently work for something, you will not get to where you want to be, and this is one of the main reasons a lot of people quit the gym after lifting for a few months and seeing nothing.

I can’t say that I ever dabbled with the Omni diet, or any cleanses or pills, but I’ve heard the horror stories. Even at my heaviest, before I was aware of what macronutrients were, I never once tried some fad, I simply cleaned up my diet, meaning I stopped eating everything I wanted, and started eating healthier options. Through this alone I started to drop weight. Throughout the majority of my weight loss process, I never once counted my macros. If only I had known about this sooner.

I was at my peak weight in 2011, and by 2013, I was down 50lbs. After having lost all the weight, I did look good, I did feel happy and comfortable, but I wanted to feel more. I wanted it to be obvious to more than just myself that I was healthy and that I was in good shape. I had a really hard time understanding the whole flexible dieting thing, it didn’t matter how many articles I read or if I was tracking my food, I just didn’t get it (I know that sounds stupid, but I couldn’t comprehend). To someone who has never heard of this or done this before, it can be very overwhelming. I ended up playing around with my caloric intake and would “cut” and “bulk.” The cuts were always based off of programs that I would find from, and the bulks were based off of my own ideas. Still, I wasn’t happy enough.

Last April, after getting involved in a new relationship, with a man who is a bodybuilder, I told him what I wanted, and he set me on the right path. He explained everything I needed to know about macronutrients to me, and helped me really understand. He was even kind enough to get me started and did weekly check-ins with me too, although, it was more of a daily thing since we spent every night together. I slowly started to notice changes, and that’s how I knew this was working. In July, I got a coach. I had a goal in mind, and I really wanted to hit it. Things were kind of wonky throughout this whole process, and his methods, while they were working at first, were just different than what my body needed in the long run (even though I was still counting). I ended up parting ways, and went back to Brandyn, my boyfriend, to help me get to my goal weight.

During this process, I had this idea stirring in my head…maybe someday I will compete, maybe someday I’ll be in good enough shape physically and mentally to do this. When I got to my goal weight, I reached out to a coach that I had found on Instagram a few months prior, and discussed with him that I really wanted to compete. Voila, a few days later I was starting my prep for my first ever competition, (no I haven’t been cutting this whole time). I came to him at a time where I needed to first speed up my metabolism before I could start cutting things down. And here I am now, 7 weeks out from my first competition, though the picture on the right is when I was 8 weeks out.

This is all a very long ramble, BUT the point of it is, there is no way to fail if you count your macros. It’s SCIENCE, so unless you’re cheating yourself, you cannot fail. It is repetition, repetition, repetition. It becomes second nature, habitual. Now I don’t even think about it, it’s my lifestyle. I have NEVER looked like this in my entire life. I’ve been seriously lifting for 4 years now, and I have an athletic history, always playing sports growing up. But it wasn’t until my eyes were opened to the method of counting macros and adjusting them for your specific goals that  I really started seeing results.

Attached are some links if you’re interested in reading up on what macro counting or flexible dieting are:

What is IIFYM?


See you next week!


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